Craft In Abyss in the Steam Game Festival 《Craft In Abyss》參展 Steam 遊戲節

The Steam Game Festival Summer Edition started on June 16th, and the base-building rogue-lite game, Craft in Abys, joined with a free demo for everyone.

Craft in Abyss is developed by Firepillar2, a Hong Kong indie studio. In the game, the player takes the role of the main female character, Alex. They will design their own fortress and embark on a journey, during which, they will learn new skills and gather resources to continuously strengthen their fortress.

Here’s the reveal trailer for the game:

The game is made up of 3 core gameplay mechanics – Facilities, Battle, and Skills.

Core Gameplay 1: Facilities

In order to build additional facilities on the fortress, the player will first have to construct a baseplate, which must be connected to the fortress itself. Do note that more baseplates aren’t always better, since additional baseplates increase the fortress’s size, making it easier for enemies to land their attacks as it will be more difficult to dodge the projectiles.

After designing the shape of the moving fortress, the player will then be able to build new facilities on them and set off to battle!

Core Gameplay 2: Battles

During battles, the player will take control of the fortress, and utilize the rotating baseplates alongside the auto-defence facilities to defeat enemies. Defeated enemies will grant resources, which can be used to strengthen the fortress.

Core Gameplay 3: Skills

The player will be awarded digital totem found in the ruins after every battle. The player must make good use of the digital totems’ strengths in order to achieve victory.

An example of this would be a totem that provides “+75% Main Cannon damage. Main Cannon attacks now causes recoil.”. Such a skill would allow the main cannon to be used for dodging attacks as well as actually damaging enemies.

The most interesting part of this game is that the players will gain skills randomly, meaning that they won’t be able to actually permanently stick with a setup, and will have to adapt their playstyle according to the skills they receive, thereby providing them with a totally different experience every time they play the game.

Plot Synopsis

“Alex was born and raised in the Underwater Ruins, a sealed megastructure submerged deep beneath the ocean. As a genius engineer, she pilots her battleship alone in search for an exit at the top of the ruins in hopes of finding a solution to the threat of her home disappearing. Yet, what she came across was the mechanical assault from the labyrinth itself…:

The giant metropolis beneath the waves, the cowardly civilians and the ignorant upper class in Craft in Abyss mirror the downfall of Hong Kong (and other modern cities), and highlights the importance of facing history head-on. Meanwhile, the sacrifice and perseverance of the characters within the plot symbolize the hard work of the selfless people that try to save their home.

Craft in Abyss is a part of the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition, if you are interested, you can click the link below and download the demo right now:


Steam 遊戲節夏季版於 6 月 16 日開跑,基地建設類 Rogue-lite 遊戲《Craft In Abyss》(深淵爬塔)有份參展,展示遊戲試玩供玩家體驗。

《Craft In Abyss》由香港團隊火柱工作室製作。玩家在遊戲中扮演女主角亞莉絲設計屬於自己的機械要塞,持續為其升級、加建,在旅程中學習不同技能、戰鬥並掠奪對方的資源,再不斷變強。


遊戲由 3 個核心玩法構成,分別是「加建設施」、「戰鬥」和「收集技能」。









「主炮最終攻擊力 + 25%,並且開炮會附帶後座力。」有了這個能力,主炮除了攻擊外,也可以用來迴避敵人的進攻。





《Craft In Abyss》正於 Steam 遊戲節參展,玩家可以點下面連結取得試玩版本:


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