Game Development – A circle of interest 興趣使然的遊戲創作

Game development has never been easier than this year. More and more amateur developers have popped up all around the word, but for some reason, they are still as rare as four leaf clovers in Hong Kong.

For the people in Hong Kong, amateur hobbies usually consists of playing music, board games, ball sports, or some times even writing or drawing fan art. Apart from self-entertainment, hobbies can also be a way of socializing. Clubs can host small competitions so people with the same interests can compete against one another, and experience the excitement and worries of competition. You may even run into people similar to yourself and help you understand each other better. In the past, poetry/martial arts/music competitions was a very common way for people to meet new friends.

But why is it that Hong Kong seem to have forgotten about socializing when it comes to game development?

There are currently a few gatherings in the industry here and there. But like I said, it’s only “in the industry”, the participants would generally talk about how to monetize their games or how their company is doing. They rarely ask about why people develop or each others’ ideology. (I can’t possibly have participated in all of these gatherings, so I might have overlooked some of them. If I made an error here, then feel free to correct me).

So that got me thinking, does Hong Kong lack a game development circle that’s built on hobby and interest? Is that why Hong Kong game developers lack a sentimental reason to keep going?

Some of you reading this might be thinking that commercialization and hobbies are separated, but I disagree. I don’t think there needs to be a clear line separating the two. However, commercialization would easily make the developers focus on how to survive rather than the reason they started to develop games. It’s a change that’s definitely not worth it. As the saying goes, “the greatest tragedy is the death of the mind”.

I hope everyone will think on it for a moment, did you put way too much priority on your survival? Should we be trying to regain the nervousness and excitement we felt when we first started to develop games?

Let’s built a society of hobbies together!

Amateur Gaming Studio is going to be hosting an online meeting that you’re all invited to.

Time: November 6th, 2020 22:30 – 00:00 (HKT) (We chose a time after dinner since I know that everyone still needs to work or go to school)

Content: Casual chats; sharing gaming concepts, experiences and techniques. Anybody can choose to introduce their game and tell us about their experiences the last two weeks.

Language: Cantonese only

If you’re not developing anything, you can also share your ideas and problems you ran into. Don’t think that it’s pointless, I just want everyone to hear from more people and create a livelier society.

The meeting will be in Amateur Gaming Studio’s Discord in a voice chat channel. You can join us here if you haven’t yet.


Amateur Gaming Studio logo

Fire not only guides people, it can also bring them warmth. The logo of Amateur Gaming Studio wants to give people the feeling of coming together for warmth and comfort. You don’t have to make games for the general public, they don’t have to sell a lot either. Those aren’t the only meaning behind games.

I’m sure every developer has already influenced a lot of young people/developers/players around them while they worked on their games. I want to become their witness. Your goals and shape your life; and sometimes, it achieving your goal will only take a moment.

I hope that game developers can become more multi-dimensional and not just focus on reaping the profits, nor should they only develop for sentimental values. That’s why I’m not guilting anybody into joining. But if you do share a similar belief to my own, I hope you will join in. A society isn’t built by a single person, everybody who joins in will contribute to it. And finally, I want to end this with a quote from Hiroshi Matsuyama:

I hope some of them (the games he developed) will become a person’s hope or reason to live on.

I hope some of them (the games he developed) will become a cure for a person’s soul.


I once wrote an article encouraging developers to monetize their games, so don’t think that I’m just opposing commercialization for the sake of it.

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讀到這裡,大家可能會萌生了一種想法,以為商業和興趣是分開的。其實我個人不認為商業化跟興趣有絕對的抵觸。只是,商業化容易令創作者的焦點由「創作遊戲的初衷」變成「我如何生存」。這種轉變絕對是得不償失,正如古代有句哲理「哀莫大於心死, 而身死次之。」








交談會將在 業餘遊戲公社 的 Discord 內以語音頻道的形式舉行,未加入的朋友點下面連結加入即可。



火除了指引前路,還能為人帶來溫暖。業餘遊戲公社 的標誌有圍爐取暖的意思,做遊戲其實並不一定要面向外界,不一定要大賣,這不是遊戲的唯一意義。







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