Singlv – Save the Game Industry! The Industry Needs YOU! [產業需要你] 齊救 Game 界!「升呢」雲集香港遊戲愛好者

“Singlv” (Pronounced Sing-Leh) is a term that clearly shows you that it’s a local Hong Kong community. It’s a term that more or less translates to “level up”. This plan is the brainchild of Alex (牛柏葉). Here is its core concept:

“To gather local (Hong Kong) game development information, push local game development, increase public standing of the industry, give a chance for developers to communicate and offer aid, and provide a cultural foundation for the whole industry.”

While this community is still being developed, I (Simon But) was fortunate enough to interview its founder. Now, let me introduce this program.

Singlv Official Poster

They told me that had a very detailed plan and understands that it will be a long-term project for game developers, players, and people in related industries.

Here are its main three functions:

1. Establish a Hong Kong Game Database

A lot of local developers don’t actually know which teams are working on games in Hong Kong. This database will be able to introduce them to more developers working towards similar goals, and let them encourage each other, thereby help maintain motivation.

What’s more, that can also learn about the experiences and abilities of the various teams. If, for example, I am developing a racing game, then I can ask other development teams with related experiences for tips, or perhaps even cooperate with them. This would let us build upon each other’s strengths and experiences and let the industry grow.

2. Establish a Player Community

Places like Japan, Europe, and the US have player communities which focuses on local game development, tracking what the local game devs are working on. Singlv also wants to establish such a community for Hong Kong games, in order to gather the players who are willing to support the local game industry. Singlv also serve as a way for international media to learn more about Hong Kong games and the unique culture and allure which accompanies them.

At the same time, this community would also help the local game devs advertise their work. Whenever a brilliant game is released, the core local player base is, more of ten than not, responsible for the game’s advertisement. It is all thanks to them that the general public actually notices Hong Kong (indie) games (and this situation is similar in other places as well). In the long term, it’ll help gather players who support Hong Kong game development and create a beneficial cycle for all of us.

3. Establish a Developer Community

Singlv will gather and translate foreign game development tutorials to provide more information to local game developers. This will make it even easier for them to learn about the newest development tools, and also provide a platform for the game devs to communicate and team up, while providing mutual encouragement to learn new tools. Not only that, the community will also help the devs in expanding their network, which is always beneficial.

Singlv also encourages developers to submit articles. It’ll publish and share the experiences and understanding of the games from both the game developers’ and the players’ standpoint. It’ll also try to invite current developers to share their game development experiences and try to muster a more knowledge sharing culture among the industry.

Perhaps “re-establishment” would be more appropriate?

There is already a Facebook group for Hong Kong game devs, and there are YouTube channels which introduces Hong Kong games. However, the information is spread out far and wide through the internet, it makes it very difficult for people to actually come across them or even communicate. Singlv’s ultimate goal is to consolidate all these resources, and maintain the communication channels in order to build up the industry and its history.

Making a start is all that matters right now. In the coming month, the database interface will be finetuned. They’ll aim to make it more aesthetically appealing and start preparing for the actual information within. I’ll also keep in contact with the founder and report back about the group’s newest information every month.

The website has not officially launched yet. They are currently encouraging the various Hong Kong game development companies to register their games onto Singlv in order to complete the game database.

It’s very easy, all you have to do is fill in the form here:


Singlv is definitely a project you should support and keep your eye on. Although I’m not directly participating in it, Firepillar2 will be donating 37% of our monthly Patreon earnings to support it.


「升呢」這個名詞,一聽就知道是香港本地的社群了。此計劃由 牛柏葉(Alex)發起,其理念為:



 「升呢」官方 poster 













香港已經有開發者的 Facebook 社群,已經有介紹香港遊戲的 Youtube 頻道,只是資訊過於分散,導致傳播和交流非常困難。「升呢」的終極目標,是整合這些資訊和群體,讓社群的交流可以維持,產業的力量可以累積,遊戲的歷史可以保存。





「升呢」絕對是一個值得關注和支持的項目。雖然我並無直接參與此項目,但以表支持,火柱工作室每月會把 Patreon 上的收入的 37% 分給「升呢」


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